Shania Twain is 'feeling more empowered than ever' and open to touring again

ABC News
By Stephen Hubbard and Lesley Messer
June 30, 2017

Shania Twain has changed her mind about never touring again.

The singer, whose new album, "Now," which will drop Sept. 29, told ABC News that her new music has inspired her to perhaps get back on the road again.

"I'm feeling more empowered I think than I've ever felt in my whole life so now I'm like, 'Well, I need to tour with this music again.' I don't really feel like I can end this chapter with this new music and not tour with it," she told ABC News.

Twain added that when she performed "Life's About to Get Good" at the Stagecoach festival in April, "I was like, 'Oh gosh, this is like picking up where I'd left off!' It felt like I'd been doing this song for years. It felt like it already belonged on one of my other albums, and I [thought], 'I just gotta keep going with it!'"

Twain, 51, who had a two-year residency in Las Vegas from 2012 through 2014, previously said that her 2015 "Rock This Country Tour" would be her last.

However, she said that each experience she has had, personally and professionally, has inspired her next move.

Twain noted that her 2008 split from her ex-husband, producer Mutt Lange, was a "huge change" that helped to "[empower] me to tackle all of these problems and fears." As a result, she did not enlist the help of co-writers for the album -- a first for her.

"I said, 'I'm feeling really strong and I'm just gonna write this album myself,'" she said of "Now." "They're all very, I think, relatable, a lot of them anyway, to what a lot of us do go through, so it makes a good Shania concert song!"