Shania Twain on Finding Her Voice Again After Messy Divorce: "I Didn't Realize How Appreciated I Was"

Closer Weekly
By Samantha Faragalli
July 26, 2017

2017 has meant one thing to Shania Twain ó a major career comeback after her divorce and illness! The iconic country singer will be releasing her first album in 15 years titled Now, and what better time than now for the actress to pick up where she left off when it comes to her music and mesmerizing voice.

"Thereís so many challenges in coming back to something you havenít done in a long time," the 51-year-old recently confessed before firmly adding, "Iím not about to give up now!" Her return to the spotlight may have been difficult, however, Shania is pleasantly surprised with the welcome back she's received from fans. "Iím really feeling the love. I didnít realize how appreciated I was," she said.

Shania's hiatus stemmed from a messy breakup paired with an unfortunate illness. From 1993 until 2010, she was married to her musical partner Robert ďMuttĒ Lange before their split after she found out he was having an affair with her assistant, Marie-Anne Thieībaud. The two worked on three albums together from 1995 until 2002.

"Itís scary to learn how vulnerable you can be," the "Man, I Feel Like a Woman" singer, who shares son Eja, now 15, with Mutt, said. "I thought that marriage was forever." She later wed Marie-Anne's estranged husband, Frederic Thiebaud, in 2011, and the two are still together today.

And if heartbreak weren't enough, Shania battled stress-related dysphonia, which is a vocal cord disorder. "I lost my voice for several years," she admitted. "I felt I was never going to make another album. It was devastating." But today, she's feeling better than ever, which is chronicled in her new single, ďLifeís About to Get Good." And she writes at the end of her new CD, "I felt like I had climbed a huge mountain and was standing on top of it, looking God in the eye, and saying, 'Iím here! What do I gotta do next?'"

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