Shania Twain Drops Dates For New Music At Stanley Cup Finals

ET Canada
By Kate Morawetz
June 12, 2017

Canadian country music legend Shania Twain cheered on the Nashville Predators during their last game against the Pittsburgh Penguins during the Stanley Cup finals, and the singer couldn’t help but contain her excitement.

With approximately 30 Canadian players between the two teams, Twain told Sportsnet’s Scott Oake just how proud she was to see Canada’s game “infect” the home of Country music.

“All these years ago that I came to Nashville, there wasn’t even a hockey team,” Twain explained. “Then all of a sudden there was hockey and there was just a few spectators and now tonight, look at this! This is a genuine Stanley Cup event, where everybody’s just into the spirit of it and I feel really proud.”

The 51-year-old Timmins, Ontario, native continued, saying, “I think our national sport is infectious and …Nashville has the bug.”

But hockey talk wasn’t the only thing Twain dropped, the singer, whose fans have been waiting 15 years for a new album, shared some very exciting news.

“The single is coming out on June 16th, ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ and then the album is coming out in late August,” Twain said.