Shania Twain’s Houses: Where She & Husband Frederic Thiebaud Call Home
April 5, 2020

Shania Twain is one of many artists who will be performing during the Academy of Country Music’s “ACM Presents: Our Country” special event tonight, April 5, 2020. The show took the place of the Academy of Country Music Awards, which have been rescheduled for September 16 due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The special, which will be hosted by Gayle King, will feature performances and intimate conversations from a number of country music’s biggest stars. It will also feature clips from past Academy of Country Music Awards.

“We were all ready for the big night [in] April, but the coronavirus changed everything,” King told ET Online. “The genius of this is that all the superstars of country music [have] done special performances from their home that they shot themselves. So, you’ve got Lady Antebellum [at] one, two, three different locations. You’ve got Blake and Gwen fireside in Oklahoma singing ‘Nobody But You’ with her brother doing the camera.”

Twain’s performance takes place in her barn alongside her four-legged friends. She will be performing “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” and “Honey I’m Home.”

Shania Twain Lives Primarily in Switzerland

According to Velvet Ropes, Twain’s current house that she shares with her husband Frederic Thiebaud is located in Switzerland, though there are not many details about the home because she lives such a private life.

The home is located in the town of Corseaux overlooking Lake Geneva. It is off of Chemin de las Paix and is smaller than the previous home that she owned in Switzerland.

Twain’s husband is from Switzerland, and he has been married to Twain since 2011 after a cheating scandal that occurred between Thiebaud’s ex-wife (who was also Twain’s best friend) and Twain’s ex-husband. Thiebaud found out about the affair and told Twain, leading to both of their divorces. The two later looked to one another for comfort and ended up falling in love and getting married.

Twain Also Owns Homes in Las Vegas and Ontario

Twain also owns a home in Las Vegas; after announcing her 23-show residency at the Las Vegas Zappos Theater in Planet Hollywood, she bought a house in the city. It’s common for artists to just stay in the hotel where they’re performing, but Twain revealed she lives on a farm in the suburbs of Vegas and that one of her favorite pastimes was hopping on her 4-wheeler after the show.

The couple also owns a home in a gated community called Old Fort Bay in the Bahamas. The home sits on 1 acre of beachfront property and is 7,000 square feet. The home was listed for sale by Sotheby’s for $10.95 million.

Lastly, Twain currently owns a home in the Adirondacks near Ontario that is sometimes referred to as Shania Twain House Lake of Bays.

The two-hour “ACM Presents: Our Country” special airs tonight, April 5 at 8 p.m. on CBS.