Randall Waller talks about touring with Shania Twain and Mutt Lange | Interview

By Jeremy White
January 19, 2021

The Jeremy White Podcast presents Randall Waller! Jeremy White is a Montreal radio host, podcaster and musician.

I grew "Up!" watching #RandallWaller every other night playing with #ShaniaTwain, be it on DVD that is but still, and he had a huge musical impact on me. Seeing him on those giant stages and playing those amazing guitar parts, singing those harmonies and being in that band was the coolest thing on the planet to me! In this chat, we talk about getting the gig with Shania and not expecting to actually get it, working with #MuttLange and some crazy tales about his bat like ears and how much of a perfectionist he REALLY is, how Mutt wasn't happy with their FoH mixer and he told the guy his drums were "disgraceful" HAHA! All kinds of cool tales and tidbits that if you are a fan of Shania Twain or those CLASSIC live concert DVD's, "Up! Live In Chicago" and more, you'll LOVE this more than 90 minute chat covering ALMOST everything. Enjoy!

This is our FULL and UN-EDITED Raw conversation, re-uploaded due to audio issues on previous post. There may be some audio drop outs due to Skype Connection so please be patient in sections, they last no longer than 30 seconds. Thanks!!