Cory Churko talks mixing Shania Twain's Up! album with Mutt Lange and Mike Shipley | Interview

By Jeremy White
May 16, 2021

The Jeremy White Podcast presents Cory Churko! Jeremy White is a Montreal radio host, podcaster and musician.

Cory has been involved with #ShaniaTwain for over two decades and played a big part in the sound of her monumental album "Up!". Cory was Mike Shipley's mix assistant at the time and he gives up some in depth facts about the process of mixing one of the most influential albums of the early 2000's with #MuttLange! He goes deep into how mixing frequencies out of syllables made a better mix and how Nigel Green was brought in to help finish the job. Also, was Brad Pitt supposed to be Luke Skywalker...? WARNING: TONS OF NERDY GEAR TALK!