Shania Twain thinks she might look good because of her Swedish heritage

New York Daily News
December 11, 2016

Shania Twain was honored at Billboard’s Annual Women in Music gala with the “Icon” award, but the “Come on Over” singer doesn’t feel like one.

“I only feel like that because I’m told I am,” the Canadian superstar told reporters at the luncheon on Pier 36. “I don’t literally feel like an icon. I recognize and am very complimented by the fact that other artists consider me an icon or look up to me.”

Twain, who’s 51 but looks decades younger, isn’t sure what to credit her youthful appearance to.

“I just found out from my genealogy that I’m majority Swede so maybe . . . I’m saying genetics because I don’t really know,” she said.

“I like to eat well, I’m a vegetarian, I think diet has a lot to do with it. I stay fit, I play a lot of tennis, I ride horses and I think just staying active and looking after myself because I’m getting older!”

Also being honored at the event was Madonna, who was crowned woman of the year. Longtime pal Debi Mazar showed up to support the “Vogue” singer and reminisced about their more than 30-year friendship.

The “Entourage” actress says that they met in an elevator in Danceteria where Madonna boldly announced she was going to be a star.

“She so owned the statement,” Mazar recalleed to Confidential. ”And afterwards, she said, ‘Do you want to dance?’ And I thought, ‘How great!’ She was a great dancer and I had come out of the disco scene so we had a very fun early friendship.”

Mazar says she’s now used to her friend being a global superstar, but back in the early days it was an adjustment.

“We would go on tour, I was doing her makeup and I was just astonished to be backstage and hear thousands of people chanting her name and screaming, that was a wakeup call. Now it is what it is,” she says. “And I’m always amazed at her age that she’s able to do squats and jump in heels. I so admire that, I can’t do that!”