Shania Twain’s Swearing Almost Prevented Her from Working with Prince

"When I’m working with music and I’m relaxed, I swear."
By Greg Sacidor
June 20, 2017

It may come as a surprise, but Shania Twain is an admitted swearer and it almost prevented her working with the legendary Prince.

The “Purple Rain” artist was the first producer to reach out to Twain in regards to creating a new record. While it wasn’t the right time for Twain to begin working as she didn’t have any songs ready, she was hesitant to take Prince up on his offer due to his “no swearing in the studio” policy.

A native of Ontario, Canada, Twain told Shelly Easton of 92.5 XTU swearing was the norm for her.

“When I’m working with music and I’m relaxed, I swear,” Twain said.

The five-time Grammy Award winner admitted she questioned how she was going to be creative without swearing, something she has a pretty good control over since the birth of her son. “I said oh no, how am I ever going to be creative if I couldn’t swear?”

Twain admits her fear of not working with Prince due to her swearing was “premature.” In April of 2016 Prince passed away before Twain and him could ever work together.

“I’m really regretting not getting back to that,” Twain admitted.

It may not feature any works with Prince, but Twain’s new album, her first in almost 15 years, is ready for release.

Twain’s Now will be released September 29.