Shania Twain Demonstrates the Vulnerability of Infidelity in ‘Poor Me’

Sounds Like Nashville
By Kelly Brickey
July 25, 2017

Heartbreak holds as the anthemic call to action in Shania Twain’s latest track, “Poor Me.”

Opening up about her deepest thoughts and chronicling the unfolding of a cheating scandal, Twain doesn’t hold back the emotions shuffling through her soul. Asking the fearful questions regarding how long she’s been in the dark over the ordeal, the country singer lets woe take over as she drowns within the misery of infidelity.

Twain does admit to the treacherous downfall of the relationship at stake throughout the lyric, and yet still remains her cheeky self by switching the ‘poor me’ to ‘pour me’ in order to drink away her problems. The diary-like track goes through her each and every raw thought in the discovery of adultery and acts as a version of therapeutic closure for Twain.

Guitar riffs act as the musical knives to cut through the listener’s heart as it drives through the honest choruses. It’s Twain’s unrefined vocal that really digs into the song, creating a gritty look on love lost.

The release of “Poor Me” follows that of her first single off the new record, “Life’s About to Get Good.” Both songs show alternative sides to Twain’s upcoming work, leaving her fans in even more anticipation for what other topics will be covered on her long-awaited return to the country music scene.

“Poor Me,” which is available to listen to now, will be featured on her forthcoming record, NOW. The album is slated to hit shelves September 29.