Niall Horan planning country-inspired music with the help of American icon Shania Twain

The former 1D man has formed a bond with the singer and the pair have recently spent time in the studio together

The Sun - UK
May 19, 2017

ZAYN tried R&B, HARRY did rock, LIAMs gone urban and LOUIS turned to dance.

Now the fifth and final ONE DIRECTION member, NIALL HORAN, has sussed out where to take his own solo music and hes got the right person to help him.

Niall has formed a bond with country music icon SHANIA TWAIN in a bid to take his music in a wild west direction.

The pair recently spent time in the studio together swapping tips after being introduced by their mutual producer Jacquire King.

Canadian Shania regarded as the best-selling female country singer in history taught Niall the ways of the country world.

He revealed: I have spent a bit of time with Shania in the studio."

The guy who produced her album, Jacquire King, is doing a lot of my album, so I spent a lot of time with her, and shes great."

I am learning about it and I think its really cool."

"The whole country singing in the States is really cool. I know these guys and I am learning about their ways."

He added: "I grew up on the likes of The Eagles and my mum had Garth Brooks and Shania in the house all the time and in the car when I was growing up."

"Country is the heart of the kind of music that I like. When you hear my album you will hear flavours of folk and country and stuff like that."

Niall recently unveiled his latest single 'Slow Hands', which definitely has some country vibes, ahead of his debut solo album.