Looking ahead to the prospects of a Shania tour

The Daily Press
By John Emms
May 5, 2017

TIMMINS - Could Shania Twain come back as early as the summer of 2018 to play her hometown?

With a forthcoming album to promote, it's certainly within the realm of possibilities.

Let's face it Shania Twain could draw another 20,000 people into Hollinger Park again. Real easy folks.

I know what you're saying — but we have not even had Stars and Thunder yet.

But make no mistake, the Stars and Thunder music and fireworks festival is going to be a full-blown blast.

With Twain's new announcement that a single track will be released as early as June and an already completed album to follow by September 2017, a Canada Day show in 2018 in the City With a Heart of Gold wouldn't be unreasonable.

It's been almost 15 years since Twain put out a full new album not discounting her gorgeous 2011 single Today Is Your Day and a greatest hits package in 2004.

In between, however, she did do her Still The One Las Vegas shows in 2012 and a full 2015 arena tour.

For the new album, which as yet has no title, Twain has enlisted a couple of excellent producers including Jake Gosling (Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga) and Ron Aniello, who produced Bruce Springsteen's last two albums.

New track titles such as We Got Something They Don't, Who's Gonna Be Your Girl? and Swinging With My Eyes Closed may signal a more organic approach for Twain.

A little darker in the songwriting is something I have been calling for as long as I have reviewed Twain's work in my Daily Press columns and my blog online but I still feel her new album will have more than a few killer radio tracks.

After all Twain as an international star would not put out an album as dark as Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska or Stevie Nicks classic Bella Donna.

And I don't think her fans would go for that either.

But yes, I'm excited about her new upcoming work.

Personally, I was there doing my own gigs in the city when Twain spent her nights covering rock hits with Longshot at JP’s Lounge, receiving the keys to the city in 1996 and her homecoming concert on Canada Day.

I gotta say right now, it's all been very impressive.

With recent appearances on the James Corden "Late Late Show" and the hit show "The Voice", Twain is indeed ramping up the publicity for her new single We Got Something They Don't. [Correction - it's "Life's About To Get Good"]

To millions and to Timmins, Twain is “Still The One.”

— John Emms is a Timmins songwriter and long-time writer of the local rock music scene.