Universal Music Group Nashville <--Includes some Shania audio snippets
Press Release
June 15, 2017

International superstar Shania Twain is set to release her brand-new album NOW on September 29th. Three decades into her storied career as the “top-selling female country artist of all-time,” Shania confidently embraces the moment on her triumphant fifth full-length album on Mercury Nashville and her first album since 2002. Assuming the role of sole songwriter for the first time and overseeing production as a co-producer, this is the woman the world knows and loves at her brightest, boldest and best. NOW, offered as both a 12-track standard and a 16-track deluxe, is available for preorder now and includes an instant download of the album’s lead single “Life’s About to Get Good.” The joyful new tune premieres today on country radio platforms around the globe.

Shania Twain (LATGG) OC: …stylistically. :49
“This song is very, it’s got a lot of conflict where it’s very true to my life and my story and my thinking at the time of the very first lyric – ‘I wasn’t just broken/I was shattered’ – like this just doesn’t get any worse, you know, in mind my mind, emotionally. But then the chorus is really catchy, and there’s the irony of all these happy, cheerful voices in there and the craft of the song itself. I mean, ‘Life’s about this, life’s about that, life’s about to get good,’ and that’s just a play on words and that’s just me as a song and that’s just me, the songwriter, having fun. I think this is just a more complete picture of me as an artist. It’s a more complete picture. There’s an extra element there that is deeper into my story, my personal story, but it’s the same songwriter stylistically.”

Shania Twain (LATGG) 2 OC: …of the song. :41
“Well, the song is a little bit of a departure of its own on this album. It’s definitely one of the more chirpy songs on the album, that’s what I would say, but it still has that melancholy story to it in the verses. We’re not quite there yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel type of the thing. That’s what the song is about obviously, and it’s a little bit of a satire this song. I’m kind of making fun of that and I’m having fun with like, ‘Oh boy, [I] can’t wait for things to get better. I can see the light. I’m going to head there toward that.’ And then I just sort of make fun with that in the musicality of the song.”.