Shania Twain: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me ('I Worked at McDonald's')

Us Weekly
September 30, 2017

Grammy-winner Shania Twain gets in tune exclusively with Us Weekly as she releases her fifth studio album, "NOW". Read on for 25 notes about the songstress you might not have known!

1. My favorite cities are Toronto, Boston, and London.

2. I speak French.

3. I drive a secondhand car.

4. I want to see women come together and support each other more in the music industry. Country music has a particularly low ratio of female artists. Letís go, girls!

5. I co-wrote a song for Britney Spears: ďDonít Let Me Be the Last to Know.Ē

6. I like salt on apples.

7. I worked at McDonaldís for several years as a teenager after school while singing in bars at night.

8. I have an incredibly romantic husband [business exec Frťdťric Thiťbaud]. He is constantly creating special moments for me like hand-picking flowers to decorate my breakfast plate.

9. It would be pretty cool to meetBrad Pitt.

10. Iím a vegetarian.

11. My favorite place to listen to music is inside the horse barn.

12. Iím in a constant state of longing for the wilderness.

13. I love solitude. Having my own space is important.

14. I donít have email on my phone! Too distracting.

15. I own a pair of Yeezys.

16. Iím currently filming with John Travolta for the feature film Trading Paint. I guess Iím an actor now too?

17. My new favorite label for comfy wear is Off-White.

18. My latest dream collaboration is with [English singer-songwriter] RagíníBone Man.

19. Iíve skydived twice.

20. I listen to quite a bit of EDM and rap. I have very diverse music taste!

21. Iím not a bad tennis player.

22. My walking pace is considered faster than normal.

23. I have two dogs. One of them is a rescue.

24. Iím amazed to see younger fans of mine from their childhood as success stories in the industry now. I never thought Iíd be in text exchanges with Nick Jonas and Niall Horan.

25. I couldnít be more relieved to be finally releasing new music!