Shania Twain Has New Album Out "Soon"

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By VVN Music
October 23, 2016

Shania Twain is one of the biggest artists in music at number 26 on the RIAA list of all artists and sixth among female vocalists, accomplishing all that with just four albums.

Album number five, her first in fourteen years, is on its way, according to Twain in a new interview with Rolling Stone Country.

I have new music coming out really soon, and I'm very excited about it. There will be a new musical chapter.

The timetable for "soon" is not known. Twain recently ended what she called her "Final Tour" so there are not future dates to use in setting the timetable.

While on the Red Carpet for the CMT Artists of the Year show, the reporters also asked her about a series of Instagram posts that showed her in the studio. She confirmed the new music and added:

This album is more diverse than any other album Iíve ever done. Not that Iíve done a ton of albums, but itís the most diverse of the albums Iíve had. Thereís a lot of variety there. But what Iíve learned about myself is as the songwriter of the songs, the emotion and the voice, ties it all together as one artist. Itís been a lot of hard work but the most fun hard work I think Iíve ever done so far.

The story of Shania Twain is known well by her fans. She grew up in poverty and began singing at age 8 to try and help the family pay their bills. After graduating high school, she started to more actively break into music until, at the age of 21, her parents were killed in a car accident and Shania had to put things on hold while taking care of her younger siblings.

She released her debut album in 1993 which only went to number 67 but producer Robert "Mutt" Lange heard something in her voice and started working with her on her second album, The Woman in Me (1995). That album and the followups Come on Over (1997) and Up! (2002) all went to number 1 on the Country albums while the latter two also topped the Billboard 200.

Dark time were ahead, though including a divorce from her husband, Lange, and the failure of two of the three singles from her 2004 Greatest Hits. While she worked on new music, nothing ever made it to market and Twain dropped off the radar until her comeback with a residency in Las Vegas (2012 to 2014) and her final major tour.